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Product Name : Vitabolus Ketoz
Product group : Dairy Cattle
Problem : Ketosis,
Brand : Royal İlaç

Dietary mineral feed for dairy cows in the form of a bolus to reduce the risk of ketosis.

What is Ketosis: Lactating dairy cows have an increased energy demand, as they need to produce large quantities of milk. During early lactation, cows have an increased risk of developing ketosis, as increased milk production means a high-energy demand. To cope with the required increase in energy, cows use the fat stored in tissue around the body as an energy source. Using fat for energy can fill the liver with ketone bodies, a condition known as ketosis.

Purpose of use:

  • Vitabolus Ketoz is an ideal source of energy for cows during times when energy demand may be high and not met (ex: early lactation) and prevents using fat reserves as an energy source.
  • Vitabolus Ketoz, helps to reduce the formation of ketone bodies that may already be present in the liver of an energy deficient cow suffering from ketosis.
  • Vitabolus Ketoz includes Niacin and B Complex Vitamins which activate energy metabolism and stimulate appetite
  • It contains Ingredients providing glycogenic energy sources (Propionates)
  • Vitabolus Ketozip Optimize rumen flora with live yeast and minerals.
  • Contains liver-protecting substances.

Composition (mg, IU/kg): Saccharomyces cereviseae, Calcium Propionate, Sodium Propionate, vitamin E, Niacin, etc. Please refer to the product label for the whole composition.

Feeding instruction

  • Administer two boluses shortly after calving using a bolus applicator as per the instructions. If required, administer another bolus 12 hours after calving.
  • In case of Ketosis, you can administer 3 boluses in a day. Usage must be terminated after postpartum.
  • Please get an advice from a zoo-technician or a veterinarian before using boluses
  • Ensure that the cow has a swallowing reflex.
  • This is a not a medicine but a dietetic complementary feed.