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Product Name : Bovisol Cow Liquid
Product group : Calves, Dairy Cattle
Problem :
Brand : Royal İlaç

A quickly absorbable and sweetened supplement with a high density of vitamins and minerals, formulated for cows

Purpose of Use:
Used as a high concentration of vitamins and minerals for cattle. It’s scientifically proven that vitamins and minerals to increase the productivity, fertility, health and resistance to diseases of cattle. Bovisol Cow Liquid contains high quantities of Vitamins A, D3, E and 25 other vitamins and minerals.


Usage and dosage:

Bovisol Cow Liquid can be mixed with feed, drinking water or drenched orally.

50ml/day/head applied orally. Usage for 2 weeks/month is sufficient. Starting 3 weeks before probable estrus and 1 week after insemination to increase pregnancy rate. Starting using this product 3 weeks before calving until 1 week after birth will decrease possible health issues.
Cattle: For 100 KG live weight use 10ml. It’s sufficient enough to use it in 4 week periods with one month intermissions.

Precautions: Shake well before use.

Packaging: 1 lt, 5 lt


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