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Product Name : Rovita MultiVitamin + SeCo
Product group : Calves , Dairy Cattle , Beef Cattle , Sheep, lambs and goats , Horses
Problem : selenium supplement for fattening animals, vitamin support in animal treatment, natural vitamins and selenium support, natural vitamins for race horses and foals, vitamin supplements for sheep, bovine vitamins, appetizing feed in animals,
Brand : Royal İlaç

“Do not let your treatment remain without vitamins support “

Rovita MultiVitamin + SeCo contains appetizing vitamins, Selenium and Cobalt combination to make treatments more effective

Purpose of use: In addition to diseases treatment; It is scientifically proven that supplying vitamins and minerals shortens the treatment time and make it more efficient.

Rovita MultiVitamin+SeCo; supply vitamins, Selenium and Cobalt to animals. Cobalt contributes the rumen stability.

Composition: Vitamin A: 5.000.000 IU, Vitamin D3: 1.000.000 IU, Selenium: 150 mg, Cobalt: 100 mg, etc. Please refer to the product label for the whole composition.

Usage and dosage:

Dairy Cows: 100g/ day

Cattle: 80/100g/ day

Calves: 20g/ day

Fattening Yearlings: 10g/ day

Lambs: 2-5g/ day

The product is to be mixed with feed or to be diluted and given using a bottle.

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