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Vitamolix Menthollu

Vitamolix®  Methollu:

Molasses content of Vitamolix® is a high energy and rich vitamin and mineral licking bucket that has been also added extra protein and fat to increase nutritional value

Vitamolix® Technologies

Low moisture and comprise only nutritional ingredient: 

Vitamolix® has a long production process which includes mixing vitamins, minerals, organic minerals, protein, molasses, hydrolyzed vegetable oil and removing conditional water and free oxygen from this blend by using special techniques (reducing moisture under 4%)

Important: All ingredients are nourishing and beneficial to animals. Vitamolix® does not contain any artificial additives, preservatives or any other chemical materials as a binding, hardening or filling agent.

Vitamolix® is consumed in control by animals due to its hardness, strong texture and vitreous appearance. It is weather resistant. Therefore, it is not  be broken and destroyed by wind, rain, snow and etc.

Content of Vitamolix® 


Composition 1 kg

 Vitamolix®   Mentollu


Calsium (Ca)

1,50  %

Phosphorus (P)

0,5  % 

Vegetable oil

3  %


46 %


5 %

Magnesium (Mg)

1,5  %

Manganese (Mn)

   510,33 mg

Cobalt (Co)

           13,12 mg

Zink (Zn)

     1.231,05 mg

Copper  (Cu)

25,15 mg

Iron    (Fe)

       3.120,10 mg

Selenium (Se)

   10,55 mg

Selplex Organic selenium

3,15 mg

Iyot (I)

10,75 mg


100.000 IU 

Vitamin D3

         20.000 mg

Vitamin E

             20 mg 

Vitamin C

           3.200 mg


           1000 mg

High energy and nutrient contents:

come from molasses, vegetable oil and proteins. Vitamolix® provides energy to animals as well as increasing their dry feed intake. In that way animals get further benefit from the dry feed due to increase in number and activity of rumen micro flora (around 15%)

High Bio-available protein:

   Very low (around 25-30%) raw ash rate:

The amount of ash is known as raw ash when product is heated up to 500 – 600 °C in special oven. Everyone easily conduct raw ash test.   Raw ash rate shows that if any non – food materials such as binders, fillers, sticky materials or marble powder are added in product, the amount of obtained ash is higher than normal.  Vitamolix® contains only 25% raw ash which comes from minerals. Therefore, all other ingredients are digestible and organic materials.

 Warning: There are some products in the market, which their raw ash amount is up to 60-70%  just like concrete. Please be aware of this.

Contents ofVitamin, mineral ve chelated mineral (organic mineral)


 Effects of Vitamolix®:

 Rich Nutrient Content: Vitamolix® is a supportive nutritional supplement  as well as improving digestion of feeds and benefiting further from the feeds that animals consumed by increasing rumen micro flora.

Significant increase in rumen micro flora (good, friendly bacteria): Nourishing and tasty Vitamolix® increases the number and activity of rumen micro flora by 15%. This increase has a positive effect on digestion by 25%.

 Protecting rumen’s PH: (balances with stomach acid): Vitamolix® is produced at pH 7.5 to prevent sub acut acidosis which can cause low yield (Rumen pH is 6.5) 

Increases saliva production: Saliva in animals improve digestion.

Increasing feed consumption and capacity of digestion:  Tasty Vitamolix® improves animals appetite and leads to better use of feeds that they consume.

Increases meat and milk production significantly by 12% and support growing in young animals. 

Vitamolix®  Methollu: is used by growing age animals to improve breathing. Also fully developed animals who is having problem with breathing can use Vitamolix® to improve breathing and to get extra energy. It relaxes animal due to menthol and aromatic smell. Vitamolix® Methollu’s content is adjusted to young animals need by adding organic selenium and increasing energy amount. It is the highest sugar containing product.


 Consumption of Vitamolix®

Unique Taste: Vitamolix® is very tasty with 45-50% sugar content. Animal saliva softens the surface 0.5mm to make it lickable at it has very hard surface. Therefore, Vitamolix can not be over consumed.

Continuity: Vitamolix® can be left in front of animal at all the time (7days 24hours). They only lick the amount they need.

  • Consumption in control due to its hardness.
  • Weather resistant due to its hardness, strong texture and vitreous surface.
  • Can not be beaten or chewed or wasted.

Advice on Use: Allow 1 bucket for every 10 cattle or 40 sheep for free access.

Consumption: Vitamolix® can not be beaten, chewed or over consumed because of its hardness. Daily consumption of Vitamolix® is 100-150gr for cattle’s and horses, 20-50gr for ponies and calves and 10-20gr for sheep. 

.Warning:Consumption of Vitamolix® varies depending on the condition of the animals, quality and quantity of forages being fed, seasonal weather conditions, quality of water. Vitsupplement can be over amolix® consumed in the first 1-2 weeks. However, it will settle down within 2 weeks. DO NOT PROVIDE THIS PRODUCT TO STARVED ANIMALS FOR FREE ACCESS.     

storage conditions of Vitamolix®

Store in a cool, dry place and keep closed lid, please, Do not expose to direct sunlight.

 What difference does it make using Vitamolix® regularly.?

The following positive effects will be noticed after using Vitamolix®.

- Animals stool is different than before in first 24 hours.. The stools become more digested.

- Appetite of your animals increase at the beginning

- Hair of animals become healthier and shinier with the time.. It is noticeable that this change is quicker in young animal, lamb, calf.

- Your animals are looking lively.

- Depends on the type of product: with Vitamolix® Methollu breathing improves in your young animals and with Vitamolix®  Fly Control  flies go away from your animals.

- Your cows produce more milk than before.

- Increase in performance of animals and meat production.

- Animals become stronger and their immune system will improve. Therefore, less likely they will get sick. You can easily compare this with previous year.

- Certainly fertility will improve in cows

- The death rate will drop significantly in your herd.