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The newborn calves are a major source of income within the enterprise, as well as providing renewal of the herd. In the dairy cattle business, the calf income constitutes 40% of total income. This ratio is much higher in beef cattle and sheep businesses.


There must be two main goals for the newborn babies
1- Survival of the babies.
2- A quick growth.

Saving the Calf
Immediately after birth, the baby membrane that sticks to the mouth and nose of the babies should be cleaned and removed from the environment.
It is checked whether the calf is breathing. Calves that are not breathing should be held on their hind legs and swung up-side-down. Or it should be made sure to provide breathing through rhythmic pressure on the chest or by artificial respiration.

Belly Care
The tendon is poured into the long umbilical cord and cut into a length of 5 cm. The umbilical care is very important in the calves, and a significant part of the microbial diseases emerge from the belly.

“Increase the immunity of your calves from the first day’’
Increasing resistance to diseases from the first day of calves: Calf deaths are 2-3% in developed countries, but unfortunately, this rate is around 15% in our country. Even though the above-mentioned processes are done in a very regular way, the calf that is born in the barn environment, not in the hospital environment, needs extra Vitamin, mineral and other life support products.

Rovita New Born: It is a newborn support product that should be given to newborns in the first 18 hours. It is a newborn pie containing glycine chelated, organic mineral, high selenium, cobalt, energy, protein, and immunoglobulin that supports the resistance of newborns.

Usage and Dosage: Calves and Colts: 1 piece after birth and another after 15 days.  Yeanlings: 1-2 gr. Should be given to the back of the tongue without gripping it. 

Why should we use Rovita New Born? What happens if we don’t? 
Newborns are at least as sensitive as newborn babies. However, even if they are clean, they are born not to the hospital but to the barn. There is a high risk of getting sickness, especially deadly poisonous diarrhea. They are extremely sensitive to respiratory tract infections as well as to stress. Generally, 30-80% of the calves do not have enough immunity to fight microorganisms.

Our goal is to ensure the survival of the newborn.: Fort his goal, Rovita New Born
–  Inoculated chicken egg dust give the animal antibody, thus creating resistance against diseases.- A stronger, more vibrant calf with vitamins and mineral supplements.
–  It contains dextrose and vegetable oil to energize the animal and prevent blood sugar reduction risk (Hypoglycemia)

Our goal is for the newborn to grow faster and healthier.
–  It boosts appetite with group B vitamins and niacin.
–  Selenium and Iron in high amount protect against white muscle diseases.
– Growth improvement with Glycine chelated minerals
– Contains Biotin and Zinc and gives a bright appearance on the feathers.

Let’s get to know the newborn diarrhea types.

Diarrhea is extremely dangerous for all newborns, especially for the calves. Three of every 4 deaths in calves occur because of diarrhea.

What is diarrhea?
First of all, a diarrhea is not a disease. can occur for many reasons. “Diarrhea is the presence of more than 90% water in the feces and the number of feces that excess the daily number

What are the symptoms of diarrhea?
Feces are fluid like water, sometimes bloody, Calves are fired, appetite is reduced. The calf becomes sluggishly due to excessive water loss at the later stages. The skin collapses, the skin loses elasticity, the fever falls, and the falling fever is the news of the approaching death.

What is the cause of diarrhea:    
E. Coli diarrhea  Roto- Corona + water 1-2 liters
Rotavirus diarrhea           Roto- Corona + water
Coronavirus diarrhea       Roto- Corona + water  
Salmonella diarrhea       Roto- Corona + water
Feeding-related diarrhea is like a white stenchy paste that occurs due to sucking in milk. Giving water only and not feeding for a day is often the only solution. Roto- Corona + water + milk.

‘‘Diarrhea makes it lost; Replace with Rovita Roto-Corono. ’’.
Diarrhea caused by Rotavirus and Coronavirus is especially dangerous and can not be treated with medicines. In such cases, it is necessary to strengthen the body’s immune system.
Rovita Roto-Corono contains a high amount of immunoglobulin. This substance, which strengthens the body’s immune system, is derived from egg powder and colostrum powder of immunized chicken eggs.
Roto-Corono returns electrolytes such as sodium potassium and chlorine, which are lost in body due to diarrhea.
Roto-Corono contains intestinal calming fruit pectin. Sodium bicarbonate is added for metabolic acidosis.
Roto-Coron contains vitamins and organic minerals to support the body, to boost the appetite, and to refresh the body.
Usage and Dosage: Calves and Colts: 1 piece after birth and another after 15 days.  Yeanlings: 1-2 gr. Should be given to the back of the tongue without gripping it. 

Meant for Calves, lambs, and other animals to relieve the breathing.

Usage: Rovita Respira contains aromatic compounds, menthol, and vitamin C to reduce irritation in the respiratory tract, moisturize the mucus and relieve the respiration system.

Calves 20 ml 1 piece, Lambs 2ml, Sheep, goat 20 ml. Cattle, camel and horses 5 piece for 3 days.

Calformin XL
Calf growth factor

It is a mixture of vitamins and minerals containing live yeast and cell walls (MOS) that are prepared to provide balanced nutrition and support to the growth of the calves.
It ensures that calves and lambs can switch to feed quickly. (provides early development of rumen) By supporting the digestive system’s health, and increase the nutritional value of the ration, providing a healthy and rapid development.

Usage and Dosage: 5 grams per day for the food, milk or feed of the calves used by mixing. For the lambs, 5 grams is for 10 lambs.


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