Vitamolix Peak 50


Purpose of Use: The first 50 days after birth highly critical for cows. On one side it’s their highest milk yield period, on the other their recovery and preparation for the next pregnancy

period. In connection to the high milk yield, their energy demand is extremely high. If this energy requirement is not met especially ketosis, decrease in milk yield, mastitis (udder inflammation) and metritis (uterine inflammation) cases are inevitable. As a result of this, fertility issues will arise.

Vitamolix is a highly valuable mineral, vitamin and energy licking bucket.

Vitamolix Peak 50 compared to Vitamolix has additionally high ratio bypass fat. Compared to normal chemical hardened licking blocks, it contains 30% more energy.

When to use Vitamolix Peak 50:

Highly recommended for the first 50 days after birth. However, it can be used at any time of the year when energy needs are high and cannot be met.

Usage: Vitamolix Peak 50 simply should be opened and put freely in front of the animal. Consumption can be high in the 1st week, but within 1-2 weeks it will return to the normal value of 150-200 grams / day.