Science and Technology

Science and Technology

‘’ Technology defines as using information systematically in the processes of industry’’. 
What we understand from technology as a Royal ilaç is, total scientific information and abilities of using R&D, production, marketing, sales and after sales service efficiently.  

We perceive technological innovation like making something new in production processes and types of institutional forms of organization.

Product challenge turns into scientific and technologic competition for many companies who have managed to institutionalization.

The abundance of natural raw material and cheap labor used to be the competitiveness in classical meaning but today advanced and featured production factors are determines the competitiveness. 

An advanced production factor includes effective usage of qualified labor force, infrastructure of R&D, modern communication and information technologies.

Featured production factors include focused labor power,  information and skills to a specific field.
The relation between science and technology is very important for our company that produces animal health and feed products. 
Scientific studies cause to technological advance while producing suitable information as well as technological process improves the scientific improvement. 

As a Royal ilaç we improve technology with our well trained, educated and experienced staff. We believe that buying technology from western countries only temporary solution. What really important is, design your own machine with scientific findings and order machine and equipments