Milking Tools Cleaning

Milking Tools Cleaning

The cleaning of mobile milking machines in our country is not done sufficiently or is unknown. Sometimes it is tried to disassemble it by wrong methods or to clean it with domestic detergents. This causes both machines to fail quickly, to be of poor quality, to be infected with a microbial disease, to rapid sickness, and to infect animals with microbes. Portable milking machines should be washed as recommended below with suitable disinfectant.

At least 10 liters of water should be counted for each round of washing for each milking after harvesting done by portable milking trolleys. Pre-wash with 10 liters of warm water should be done first and the jug should be shaken and poured with the last collected water. The main washing is carried out after. 10 liters of hot (50-60 degrees) water and half a teaspoon of Dezinfex 305 or 306 (Dezinfex ALKA 320 for aluminum) are added to each container for each milking head.

The milk heads are immersed in this vessel and the milk is absorbed. The medicated water in the jug is rinsed, the jug is poured into the container again and this process is repeated at least 2-3 times. Repeated circulation of the medicinal water in this way will increase the effectiveness of the cleaning. The latter is then dewatered with cold water.

The sequence of operations should be followed by the images on the side.

The other stipulations to observe are the same as those described above. Alkali foam cleaning is done with Dezinfex FALKA Ultra 335 for external cleaning of milk heads and milk cans. At least 2-3 times a week with acidic Dezinfex DACID 340 water should be used to wash the milking lime residues of the milking machine. (Except aluminum casts)