Royvimin D Forte

Royvimin D Forte is a special formulation for dairy cows.

Royvimin D Forte effects in your cows :

  • Increasesfeed efficiency.
  • Increase resistance against metabolic diseases.
  • Providesmore meat and milk yield.
  • Increasesin milk fat concentration.
  • Increases acceleration rateof development in young cattle
  • providethe healthy development of offspring of pregnant animals, post-natal reduces the probability of white muscle disease that may occur.

Composition mg/kg: Vitamin A : 1.300.000 IU, Vitamin D3: 260.000 IU, Vitamin E,  B vitamins, Niacin, Biotin, high level manganese : 6.569 mg/kg, Zinc: 6.122,22 mg/kg Iron, selenium, Iodine, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorous, saccaramyces live yeast and other nutritional values Complete composition: see label..

Royal ilac feed additives in animals largely prevents the occurrence of these disorders.

Mineral and vitamin deficiency in animals leads to the emergence of these disorders.

– Loss of appetite,
– Reduction in milk yield
– Bone growth to decline
– Hypocalcaemia (milk fever),
– Weight increase to slow down,
– Non feed object eating and licking events
– Reduction in the efficiency of fertilization,
– Incoordination,
– Weakness,
– Hypomagnesemia (tetany),
– Loss of quality of wool, 
– Oestrus symptoms and delay reduction,
– White muscle disease in calves,
– Dead and weak calf births,
– Osteoporosis,
– Oxidized flavor in milk,
– Abortion rate rise.
– Anemia due to nutritional,

How to use:
Royvimin D forte are used mixing in the feed.

1 kg Royvimin D Forte will be enough for 100 kg mixed feed. If salt mixing in the feed then, participants should be reduced by half the amount of salt. Salt deficiency can be treat by using Royal ilac licking blocks.

Presentation :
1 kg paper bags
5 kg and 10 kg paper bags or plastic buckets
25 kg plastic buckets.
Feed Additives are on pallet and covered with plastic film.