Royal Iode Iodure Pomad

Royal İode İodure Pomad   ‘Veterinary, Antiseptic and Resolutive for Skin’                     

Purpose of Usage:

Royal Iode Iodiure Pomad is an effective cream that is used as an adjunct to treatment of infected wounds by neutralizing bacteria, fungi, and spores, including viruses thanks to its active iodine. Used in surface fungal diseases, bacterial skin diseases, and Actinomycosis (tuberous jaw disease). It is also effective in the treatment of chronic skin diseases, apsis, skin and subcutaneous infections. It is applied on surface wounds, skin irritations, insect bites, and small bruises.

How to Use:

The area to be applied before using Royal Iode Iodure Pomad should be washed and dried with soap and water. If not suggested by a veterinarian it should be applied as a thin layer for 3-4 days. Can be repeated if more is necessary. All the cream in hand is applied to the area to in need.