Rovita Twin Lamb

Rovita Twin Lamb

Imbalances in energy metabolism during the last period of pregnancy in sheep or at birth; cause a disease known as pregnancy poisoning (twin lamb disease). Disease coordination disorder, tooth creaking, loss of appetite and often death within 2-10 days. Pregnancy poisoning is often seen in good sheep carrying twin lambs.

RovitaTwinLamb; produced to supply Sheep and Goats during their last period of pregnancy with the needed energy and some vitamins.

Purpose of use: Due to the high demand of calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin and energy in post natal sheep, the deficiency can cause milk fever, ketosis, hypomagnesaemia, and other developing metabolic diseases.

Contents for each liter: Vitamin A: 800,000 IU / lt, Vitamin D3; 500,000 IU / lt, Vitamin B12,

Vitamin B6, Niacin, Propylene Glycol: 71.5% Glycerol 28%. and others. For more information please refer to the label.

Usage and dosage:

Shake product well before use. Using the original container, via the swallowing reflex apply product by drench.

Application: Used in sheep to protect against pregnancy poisoning and to support its treatment.

  1. In sheep, during last period of pregnancy, apply 50cc in between 6 hours for 3 days
  2. During and after birth, apply in between 6 hours

Caution and Warning:

Only for animal use.

Not to be used on animals without the swallowing reflex.


Store at room temperature. Do not Freeze the product.