Rotox T2

Rotox T2

Toxin binder, Acidifier, Emulsifier, Growth Promoter.

Purpose of Use: 300 known species of fungi produce harmful mycotoxins. The most well known of these mycotoxins are aflatoxin and Ochratoxin. These mycotoxins, weaken the nervous system, poison tissues and weakens the body’s immune system the decrease the feed intake also cause reproductive problems and a lot of damage.


  • Recent scientific studies show mycotoxin effect of treatment cannot be healed but can stop yeast production and mycotoxin absorption in feed so can be prevented from mycotoxins.
  • Thats why Rotox T2;
  • Produced with Sodium calcium aluminosilicate  filler , an effective aflatoxin linker.
  • Absorbs mycotoxins with high porous structure, is effective in decreasing odor in the barns .
  • With buffered organic acids: it kills the yeast present in the feed.
  • Mannan oligosaccharides contributesto the improvement of health and the body’s immune system.
  • Prevents colonization by harmful bacteria.
  • Contributes to the smooth functioning of the intestines system.
  • Contributes to the development of liver and has protective effect.
  • Does not damage absorption of useful vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements.
  • is smooth, it does not make cloding.

Usage: As protective 0,5 -2kg / 1 ton. In cases of Mycotoxins suspicion Rotox T2 can be increase too.
Storage conditions: Store in cool , dry place away from direct sunlight.
Packaging: 25 kg kraft bag.