Rambolix Standart


Licking Bucket / Complementary mineral feed

Rambolix licking buckets have an original production process in which vitamins, minerals and energizing molasses are mixed together and poured into the buckets and  hardened. Because the pressure and heat are not used in this way, the vitamins are more stable and can incorporate to a richer mineral content.

Rambolix is harder than other buckets, has a lower consumption level, low molasses level  and can be more durable in outdoor weather conditions.

Composition each kg: Calcium: 15 %, Phosphorus: 3,10 %, Magnesium: 4,05 %, Vitamin E: 1.000 mg, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Manganese: 3.100 mg, Zinc: 4.200 mg, Cobalt, Copper,  Selenium, Iodine and other nutritional values…  Please see label for complete composition.

Feeding Instruction: Leave one Rambolix licking bucket free for mostly to 10 cattle, 25 sheep or goats. Consumption is between 100-150 grams / a day / per head for Cattle,small head and 25 grams /a day / Per head for Ovines. Consumption may be somewhat higher up to the first week If consumption does not return to normal after 1 week, it is recommended to control the ration energy and mineral level.

Storage: Store in cool, dry place out of direct sunlight in its original container.

Colour changes of the product  does not effect the quality and content of product.

Packaging: 20 kg