Pure Salt Block


Salt, or sodium chloride, is essential to animal life.

Salt contains roughly 40% sodium and 60% chloride. These two elements are the main cation and anion of extra cellular liquids. They ensure intercellular exchange and distribution of water throughout the organism. Salt combines the roles of sodium and chlorine. It acts as a nutrient and ensures temperature regulation in the body. It is also a condiment that encourages appetite in animals, acting on salivation, rumunation an digestion. It regulates the consumption of water and dry matter, thus promoting growth and milk production.

Self-service in the form of o salt block is a pretical, simple and effective solution.

Salt is the only food (along with water) for which animals have a specific appetite, which means that they are capable of adaptig their consumption to their needs. There is therefore no risk of waste, under-feeding or loss because the salt is provided in a solid form.

Because the requirement for salt is a permanent one, PURE SALT BLOCK should be distributed for self-service in a sufficient number throughout the year, whether the animals are in stalls or out to pasture


Sodium chloride: 100%, i.e. 40% sodium

Advice on use:

Make available on a continuous self-service basis: one block for every 5 to 10 cattle or 20 sheep or goats.

Put out only one type of block at a time

Optimise consumption by ensuring a regular water supply.

Renew the supply accoring to consumption requirements: around 40g/d/ for cattle and 5g/d/sheep or goats, bearing in mind that this may be temporarily higher for animals nat used to blocks or suffering from a deficiency in salts and minerals.


10 kg cubic block with a central hole
10 kg x 2 blocks in a cartoon box

All blocks are on pallet and wrapped plastic film.