Ovisol Copper

Ovisol Copper  Zinco Cobalt, Selenium+ Vit B12

‘Cobalt, Selenium and Zinc are most important minerals in sheep growth,

development and strengthening their immune system. They also play a vital role in lambing and keep the breeding at an active level.

An additive of highly concentrated organic formula of cobalt, zinc and selenium amino acids, including sweeteners and vitamin B12 combined with an easy way to consume for sheep, lambs, goats and yeanlings.

Purpose of use:

Supports lambing and survival of healthy yeanlings by providing their selenium needs. Increases the blood production, contributes to growth, development and a healthy muscle structure. Has an important role in breeding and keeps metabolic functions stable by maintaining proper supply of copper, zinc, selenium, cobalt and Vitamin B12 which is essential in the absorption of cobalt.

Ovisol contains vitamins and minerals in perfect balance.

Contents (mg/kg): high ratio B12 vitamin 200mg/kg, selenium 800mg/kg, cobalt 7500mg/kg, zinc, amino acids and more. For complete composition please see product label.

Usage and dosage: Ovisol can be applied orally, mixed with feed or water. Apply 4 days at a session, 4-5 times per year. Please do not forget that this product contains high levels of cobalt, selenium and zinc.

Lambs & yeanlings from 6 months and above: 2ml/head/day. Four times a month, 5-6 times per year.

Sheep and Goats: once before tupping (mating), once in 2nd-3rd month of pregnancy, 5-6 times per year.

Feedlot animals: 3-5ml/head/day. Grazing animals: 6-7ml/head/day.

Male & female yearlings: 3-4ml/head/day, 4 times a month & 5-6 times per year.

Warnings & precautions: Shake properly before usage. On pregnant animals, use during last 1-2 months.

Packaging: 1 lt ans 5 lt