Our Ethic Values

Our Ethic Values

First protect the animals’ health and contribute the animals’ welfare: Royal İlaç is a company that manage by veterinarians. Like it says in The Hippocratic Oath; Avoid damage the health.

The contribution of livestock to increase the country’s economy: The best way to secure the fulfilment economic purpose of this goal by reared animals.

Being clear and transparent: We do not ignore ethical rules with our accountable management style.

Stay in the legal frame: While stay in the legal frame in decision-making and implementation process, behaving to moral principles and common values.

Counting the reputation of the institution as company capital: The aim of our company is continuously creating value to achieve the objectives of profit, not just on the nature of the business results and strong capital only, but also corporate reputation which is formed as a result of many years experience, sees as an important value too. 

Counting the giving promises as law: Making applicable business ethics. Not just for customers also for suppliers, staff and everybody who makes business with.

Counting the product as honour: Feels responsible for each product if consumed and affected beneficially on animals.

Strengtened the image of Turkish products: Royal İlaç is a company that it’s products use by thousands of farmers, cultivators, business men, etc. This makes foreign people to say; Turkish Products are quality.