Masdisin Mint Gold

Masdisin Mint Gold

Definition: When Mastisin Mint Gold (which includes Japanese peppermint oil) applied on the affected areas, the blood circulation in this area becomes more intense; resulting in immediate relaxation, especially for acute tissue cases.

Usage Areas: When apply with massaging to affected areas, the blood circulation in this area becomes more intense; resulting in immediate relaxation.

With the included Japanese peppermint oil, us efor intense the blood circulation and and help the healing of swell and acute tissue cases. Masdisin Mint Gold which is organic and naturel, softens the skin and effective to protect skin tissues. When Masdisin Mint Gold apply on the udder and teat during 3 days – 4 days by the first time of mastisis seen, there is chance to overcome the disease without using any antibiotics. Its also effective to heal the edema of the cows have recently given birth (or close to give birth).

Usage and dosage: Apply with 1 minute massage about a table spoon of Masdisin Mint Gold to all around the udder after milking process. Make sure to rub in all of the cream in the hand to the udder.

How Masdisin Mint Gold Effects?
When there is a bacterial attack to udder tissue, animal produces white blood cells [these cells call Neutrophil and Macrophage (eater) in medical language] to defend the attack. Transportaion of the white blood cells starts a probable attact to bacterias in this region. One of the effect of this war is high fever. Fever will increase on that region. If we bring more blood whereat more white blood cells, we will be the winner of this war.

What are advantages?
Masdisin Mint gold which includes Japanese peppermint oil is a product that collects blood to where its applied. The blood that collected, clears abnormalities from that area. If there is edema swelling, heals; if there is microbes, beats them. Japanese peppermint oil has a strong cooling, painkiller and anti-inflammatory effect. Its effective to soften swelling and hard udder. It has relaxing efficancy on the udder tissue. Its advised to use on the animals have recently given birth.

Storage and Dosage: Do not freeze. Store in 5 C and protect from direct sun light.