Masdisin Ioguard

Masdisin Ioguard

What’s the advantage of Ioguard compared to other teat dips?

PVP Iodine based powerful effective disinfectant Ioguard is a product that protects the teat between two milking cycles by forming a thin film at the teat. The film making feature comes from herbal polymer technology. Polymers of plant origin allow deep breathing while protecting the nipple against mastitis agents that may come from the outside.

Provides double protection at the teat (with film and antibacterial effect): Ioguard is a breast

disinfectant that produces a thin film at the teat and is double acting through both disinfectant and mechanical protection. Produced by using plants, Ioguard’s created membrane (film) dries off in a short time and shrinks by 2% and it helps to close the teat hole immediately by squeezing the teat slightly. Ioguard has microscopic pores that allow deep breathing. The drying Ioguard film entraps iodine and gradually releases it until the next milking cycles to provide microbial protection.

Teat tip softening and skin protective affect: During lactation cycle; Frequent washing of the teat tip breaks the teat skin and the skin structure breaks down. Occasionally, due to proliferation of keratin (hyperkeratosis), skin thickening on the teat tip is reported. PVP Iodine repairs cracks in the teat tip with skin repellent and dead tissue removal effect. Iodine also shows epithelial protective properties. Ioguard contains a skin softener and substances with deep moisturizing cosmetic properties.

Excellent wetting, high viscosity properties: Ioguard’s wetting is very good, covering the teat tip very well and reaching the smallest cracks and skin pores.

Ready-to-use solution: ready to use without any mixing with other substances, dilution or any pre-treatment.

A product with minimal dripping and wastage: Ioguard drops only 1-2 after immersion, these droplets are necessary for washing the teat tip. Easy visibility with red color.