Masdisin Herbafilm

Masdisin Herbafilm 

Why should we use post-milking disinfectant Masdisin Herbafilm?

Teat hole remains open up to 2 hours (average 30 minutes) after milking. In this timeline bacterias can get in from open teat hole. First they corrupt the milk then harm the tissues that synthesizes and excretes milk. Protection of udder skin integrity and lack of skin problems like crack skin, dry skin, also protects the udder itself. The bacterias hiding in the skin cracks prowl for get in from teat canal.
The udder tissue destruction cause by bacterias entered into udder called Mastisis. And Mastisis causes;
• Results in lower milk efficency (even its healed before). Udder lobe with mastisis has lower milk efficency,
• Results in lower milk quality and lose of milk,
• With hidden mastitis long term lower milk efficency,
• Treatment expenses,
• Spread of mastisis to other cows,
• Annihilation of infected cows.

Usage of Masdisin Herbafilm 4 Seasons washes the residues of milk after milking and prevents the production of bacterias. Creates an antiseptic film top of the teat and prevents entering of the bacterias into udder. The recent researches shows that cleaning of the teats with only water or usage of not film–
forming or non-mechanical dipping liquids are not enough protective againist mastisis. Because post– milking teat hole remains open and microbes enter in.

What are the benefits of using Masdisin Herbafilm?
Natural and fast acting LANA (Lactic acid, Natural activation) technology:
Masdisin Herbafilm has an acting LANA technology that entirely skin-friendly combination of one of the natural organic acid lactic acid (the one uses at cosmetic industry) and herbal ectracts. The LANA technology is a nature-identical skin protector acting mechanism. In very short time eliminates the microbes and continue to protect udder till next milking. LANA technology has a wide influse mechanism on the microbes. Influence covers all the bacterias that cause mastisism.
Some of the bacterias that cause mastisism and unprotected againist Masdisin Herbafilm these are; Streptococcus Uberis, Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, Listeriamonocytogenes, Klebselliapneumoniae Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Salmonella Typhimurium. Dont forget that the Masdisin Herbafilm prevents exposure of new mastisis events but does not cure mastisis.

Creates a protective natural barrier film like onionskin on the teat:
Masdisin Herbafilm is an udder disinfectant that, creates a thin film on the teat with the protection of both mechanic and disinfectant ways. The film formed by Masdisin Herbafilm which created from plants, dries in a short time and shrinks by 0.5% and squeezes the teat and helps to close teat hole. Herbal film has pores which help the skin to breath. Besides, with its strong disinfectant feature, prevents the bacterias get into udder especially from teat hole and protects the udder till next milking. The film that it created on the teat is a protective lasts long barrier which dries fast, regular, smooth and characteristic of not hold any barn dirt on it. The film that Masdisin Herbafil Spray Dynamic models create is, thinner and peelproof but, the film that Masdisin 4 Seasons and Winter create is peelable.

Skin protective effect that cream and soften the teat:
Through milking season, as a result of washing the teat very often, it gets cracks and skin tissue corraps. Sometimes, because of keratin increase (hiperkeratozis) on the teat, thickening of skin reported. The lactic acid in the Masdisin Herbafilm, prevent the piling up of keratin by removing dead skins. Masdisin Herbafilm; provides tissue softening while blocking sking corruption with the skin softening materials (glycerin and lanolin) and epithelium protecting materials. Heals teat wounds.

Perfect wetting, high visocity features: Wetting of Masdisin Herbafilm is very good, it covers teat very well and reaches till the smallest cracks and skin pores.
Suitable PH value for skin: Produced at PH 3-4 quicksilveric slightly acidic value for revulsion of dead skin and regenerate skin.

Ready to use solution: Ready to direct use without mixing with another material, wetting or pre-treatment.

Minimum dripping and not wasting product: Masdisin Herbafilm has liquidity (visocity) and slipperiness (thixotropy) features that creates film on the teat after dipping. It only drips 1-2 drops after teat dipping and this is necessary for washing teats. Other than that, it never causes any waste.

Easy visibility with its gren colour:
Masdisin Herbafilm does not leaves any colour resudies but colours the teat to green to prevent the teat from accidentally milking. It easily get removes when washing with Masdisin Foam or water before next milking and never leaves any resudies in the milk too.

Natural fly repellent effect:
Masdisin Herbafilm Summer has natural fly repellent effect; flies stay away from animal’s teats and dont  disturb the animals. Its produced according to Ministry of Health Biocidal Regulations and European Veterinary Biocidal Directive (98/8/CE).

How to use Masdisin Herbafilm?
Teats should dip into Masdisin Herbafilm’s special pot right after every milking. Masdisin Herbafilm Spray should spray onto teats right after every milking in the farms that have spraying implementations.Teat canal becomes unprotected to microbe attacks after pulling out of clusters, Masdisin Herbafilm should be applied immediately after milking process for protect the teat from bacterias to get in from teat canal. Very wet teats must dry before use. Masdisin Herbafilm is ready to use solution, no needs to dilute. Before use just shake the container. Must leave for desiccation after dipping (or spraying), should not wipe after application.
Advised feeding and Masdisin Herbafilm desiccation should provide after milking to start protection. Especially in very cold weathers, cows should not release open air before Masdisin Herbafilm desiccate properly. There is no necessity for Sprey and Dynamic versions.

Storage: Store in cool, dry place out of direct sunlight in its original container. Do not freeze.

Masdisin Herbafilm should use everyday all year:
Recommended to use fresh Masdisin Herbafilm always. Especially, left over Masdisin Herbafilm should put back to original container after usage. Must kept tightly closed. Tipping pot should washed to leave for next usage.

Appearance: Green, dark consistency liquid.

Storage: Store in cool, dry place out of direct sunlight in its original container. Do not freeze.

Ingredients: Lactic acid, glycerin and lanolin wise skin protectors and herbal extracts.

Shelf life: 2 year from the date of manufacture.

Bio-solubility: All surfactants and other agents in according to Turkish Health and Agriculture Ministry and related EU directives.

Quality assurance: This product manufactured in Royal İlaç facilities in according to ISO 9000 Quality System and GMP European Quality Standards under supervision of European Inspectors with Total Quality System.