Lactofat R100

Lactofat R100

Palm oil is obtained by squeezing the foliage of the palm tree plant which grows mostly in Malaysia and Indonesia and mainly in South Asia.
Lactofat R100 is produced entirely from high-melting-point of this palm oil by the double fractionating process. (58-60C.) This high degree of melting is achieved not by hydrogenation like in other companies but by special fractionation techniques. It does not contain trans fat and Nickel.

Purpose of Usage:
It can be fed to all ruminants, especially milk cows. Lactofat R100 does not fall apart in the rumen. If a fat that has been dissolved in the rumen is given to an animal, the rumen balance will deteriorate and cause many digestive problems as well as no benefit to the animal.

 Lactofat R100 passes through the rumen, it gets dissolved by abomasum and small intestines that are absorbed by high pH and by the action of amylase enzyme, transforming into fatty acids and glycerine.

•    It is an economic energy source•    It’s digestibility is very good (around 96%)
•    It has high energy. It prevents the animal from dropping into negative energy balance.
•    Significantly increases milk yield. (3-5 liters per day)
•    Increases milk fat ratio
•    Provides an increase in milk protein, is effective in casein stabilization Maintains body oils to prevent ketosis.
•    Reduces problems that are caused by negative energy balance like; fertility problems, pheunomia, and reproduction problems.
•    It is a completely vegetable oil and does not contain any output wastes. This is a completely green product.

Usage and Dosage :
Per cow, daily 150-300 grams.
Per day for stock animals, 100-200 grams.

1 year.

Craft bags