An ancient Chinese proverb explains the importance of the laboratory is:
‘I heard and I forgot, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.’ 

Laboratory for us. 

– Checks the quality of our production 
– Is an important part of our production process 
– Is a prerequisite for high quality production. 
– Good manufacturing practices and critical control points that control the factors that determine how successful it is. 

In our laboratory sampling of raw materials and finished goods applications are made in the following ways. 
– Homogeneous: Especially dust powder feed additives raw materials and finished goods such as sampling methods of use. 
– Stable: Routine in a stable manner is how continuous sampling of raw materials and finished goods. 
– Representation: A method that is applied in particular lickstones. For example, in 1000 the stone blocks to select any of the three pieces as samples for testing. 

In our laboratory we have been making our tests in the following order. 
– Repeatability 
– Reproducibility 
– Accuracy 
– certainty

We use equipment 
– FTIR spectrometer (MINERAL ANALYSIS) 
– PH meter 
– REFRACTOMETER (Brix measurement) 
– Micro-Vickers (hardness measuring instrument in blocks) 
– Impact Resistance Tester (in blocks) 
– Other standard chemistry laboratory equipment 

Processing procedures performed in our laboratory is as follows. 
– Selectivity 
– The linear range 
– Accuracy 
– Limit of detection 
– The detection limit 
– Stability 
– Certainty