Iode Block

IODE BLOCK     Do not miss iodine

IODE BLOCKS contains a balance mineral combination as well as a high organic iodine. Iodine is being used to heal head, neck and tongue (wood tongue) aktinobasilloz and bone tissue aktinomikozun. IODE BLOCK has been formulated to provide iodine that heals these types of diseases. Use of IODE BLOCK is the best way for animals to meet their iodine requirements.

IODE BLOCK has a balance mineral combination that not only helps for growth and development of animals but also prevents animals to consume non-feed substances such as soil, stone, bone, plastic bags, cloth etc.

Advice on use
Allow one blocks for every, 5 cattle  or 20 sheep so that each animal can easily gain access to a block. Optimise the animals› licking of IODE BLOCK by making sure that they have a permanent  supply of water and that no other type of block is distributed at the same time

Daily consumption amount: cattle, 40 gr/day  sheep or goats 5 gr / day Consumption may be higher for a short time among animals wtih a nutrional deficiency but their intake will then stabilize rapidly.

3 and 5 kg cylindirical block with central hole, plastic sleeve film and a handle
3 kg x 8 blocks in a cartoon box
5 kg x 4 blocks in a cartoon box 
10 kg cubic block with a central hole
10 kg x 2 blocks in a cartoon box

All blocks are on pallet and wrapped plastic film