Fumi Block

Fumi Block  Fumigation Disinfectant


In livestock enterprises, especially in poultry coops; Disinfectant with fumigation feature which is used with the purpose of reaching every corner of the shelters and providing disinfection.


With the classical water disinfection process, slits, cracks, tools and equipment used cannot be completely disinfected.

Solution FumiFormal:

Fumi Block is an effective disinfection by fumigation method for this purpose. It provides the possibility of disinfect slits, pads, cracks on the floor and wall, tools and equipment which can’t be reached by conventional method.

Components and technical details:

Formaldehyde 37,5%, Excipient 62,5%

Usage and dosage:

Since it’s using incense method, the volume of the area that needs to be disinfected needs to be calculated. One Fumi Block tablet is sufficient for 400 cubic meters of volume. The practitioner wearing a protective mask and gloves will ignite the tablet and wait for the tablet to be covered with flames on all sides. Afterwards the tablet is extinguished and the

tablet continues a flameless burning and provides smoke. At this stage, all doors and windows must be closed. (Very Important)

The tablet continues to provide smoke for about 15-20min. The practitioner must leave the room/area which needs to be contaminated for at least for 8hrs. After the minimum time has elapsed, the room/area must be ventilated properly and after the smell of Fumi Block has disappeared, the room/area is usable again.

Important points to note before and after FumiFormal use:

Use Fumi Block only with protective mask and gloves. Keep unreachable from children. Known to be harmful if swallowed. Shouldn’t be inhaled for a long time. May irritate eyes and respiratory tract. Contact with skin may be irritating and should be washed with plenty of water.