Dezinfex DLDT 371

Dezinfex DLDT 371

Public area detergent for cleaning and providing hygiene of diary farm walls, grounds and all kind of surfaces. Also called shelter area disenfectant.

Usage Areas: Designed for cleaning and provides sanitation for shelters walls, ground and all open areas, equipments that use in diary farms; transportation materials, disinfection halls, poultry, hencoops, hatchery and equipments used here, hencops of diseased animals, milking waiting area, slaughterhouse, cold storage, clinics, surgey and disinfect the animal hospitals.

Components and Technical Details:

  • Includes Glutaraldehyde 15%, Benzalkonium Chloride 10%.

Important considerations before use:

Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Clean the rough dirt with water before use. Dont use on the unknown surfaces.

Usage and Dosage: Dezinfex DLDT 371 is a concentrated product and diluting is recommended before use.

  • In general disenfections: Must be diluted by 1/150 and for each m2 surface put by 0,3 liter. While in case of disease in the hencoop to use as pulverization; must be diluted by 1/150 and for each m2 surface put by 1 liter.
  • In case of foot-and-mouth disease, foot rot and pyethen; must be diluted by 1/50 and used externally.
  • Hoof and disinfection hole; must be diluted by 1/150 and use.

Storage, transport and security: Keep away from incompatible substances and dont use together with acid based products. Keep only in the original container. Keep container closed and in a clean, cool, and well ventilated place away from heat, flammable materials and intense light. Avoid residues of the product on the containers. Containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage. Undiluted form is harmful for skin and eyes, use protective glass and mask.

Packaging: 5, 20, 220, 1000 liters.

Shelf Life: 2 years from date of production.

Dezinfex DLDT 371 is a licenced product of ROYAL ILAC.