COPPELEX Capsule Bolus

Coppelex Capsule Bolus

Purpose of use:

Prevents the occurrence of enzootic ataxia due to copper deficiency. Avoids the loss of lambs born from sheep suffering from copper deficiency. (Lambs, born in herd with copper deficiency , can be subject to paralysis due to neural demyelization. This condition is untreatable and unhealable.)

Coppelex Capsule Bolus is used to provide animals with developed rumen

long term slow-release copper supply.

In addition to accelerating the development of blood production, scientific studies have proven that copper also has an anti-parasitic affect on living parasites in the digestive system.

Usage and dosage:

Coppelex Capsule Bolus: Recommended to use it twice a year in areas with copper deficiency. Dosage in general for animals of 40-50 kg live weight: 1 piece of 4 gram capsule.

To avoid copper deficiency in Lambs, which is a usual occurrence at birth, pregnant sheep in their first half of pregnancy should be given 1 piece of 4 gram capsule with a swallowing apparatus. Oscillation time is 6 months.

‘Please be advised to NOT use any other additives or supplements that contain the same contents

elements Coppelex.’

Caution and Warning:

Before use, consult with a veterinarian about copper deficiency. Copper should not be given from other sources. Use with caution on Sheep. Use with caution on Sheep races such as Texel & Lleyn which are sensitive to copper. Not to be used on animals: with undeveloped rumen, animals exceeding the 4th month of pregnancy, animals with below 40 kg live weight.

‘The opinion of a veterinarian or animal nutritionist should be obtained before or during use.’