Company Profile

Company Profile

Royal was established in 2002 as Turkish-English partnership to produce high quality of licking block, licking bucket  and other feed additives for animal industry by using a Know-How system with a combination of scientific approach, by well-trained and competitive staffs and using latest technological equipments in its production process.

High animal productivity and economical profit is only possible by having superior animal races, good business management as well as reducing physiological, metabolic and individual differences in between animals.

Licking Blocks with self-using systems gives chance to needy animal to meet their mineral and salt requirement. This is one of the best and common way of providing animal salt and mineral. 

Mineral and salt deficiency reduces animal productivity as well as causing poor appetite, deterioration of general health conditions and disruption of fertility functions. Also , the animal tends to start eating noon food material like cloth, plastic, nylon, bone etc, depending on the type of mineral deficiency.

The Royal Licking blocks are in different composition to meet different animal requirements. The animal that uses mineral rich Royal block meets their daily mineral and salt requirements. When this block is used in animals diet continuously, the immune system of the animal gets strong and productivity and quality of hair, milk and meat increases.

The content of licking blocks are mainly salt and several minerals. 

Royal Ilac has been one of the leading company in its sector and has got its own missions which are: 

– To demonstrate its activities by improving the sector and to be beneficial for the industry using its energetic, dynamic and creative approaches
– To produce in modern plant by using the latest technology in the sector it has also GMP  quality certificate.
– To promise working with participated, competitive and well trained technical staffs 
– Promise to be friendly with environment.

Royal products are well known in Turkey and it exports to 70 countries.
– Promise to be friendly with environment.

Royal products are well known in Turkey and it exports to the overseas, mainly Middle East, Far East, West European Countries and recently in Eastern Europe Countries.