Calm & Condition

Calm & Condition

Complementary feed for Beef Cattle that calms the animals, removes discomfort, with appetizing vitamins and aromas to increase live weight gain performance.

Purpose of use:

  • Calm & Condition contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts.
  • Calms Beef Cattle and other animals under stress and increases their weight gain performance.
  • Guaranties the calm feed consumption and weight gain of Beef Cattles.
  • Contains the necessary minerals and vitamins for the proper development of Beef Cattles.
  • Improves digestion capacity of the Rumen with its yeast contents.

Contents: Besides the calming effect on Beef Cattle with herbal extracts, it contains vitamins A, D, E, B1, Niacin, Minerals, Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Selenium and others. For more information please refer to the label.

Usage and dosage: To relief Beef Cattle from stress and to increase weight gain, in correlation with the weight: 60-100 grams/day/head, Beef Yearling: 10-15 grams/day/head,

Animals about to be transported, apply 3 days in advance

Horses: 100 grams/day, Dairy Cattle: 100 grams/day, Calves: 20 grams/day/head,

Lambs: 2-5 grams/day to be fed to animals.

In case of mixture with the daily ration of feed, apply 1kg to 100 kg of feed (1%)

Caution and Warning: Only for animal use. There is no waiting period for meat and milk.

Storage: Store at room temperature. Protect from direct sunlight and do not freeze the product