Biotin Hoof Formula

Biotin Hoof Formula

Complementary feed efficient to hoof health with included mineral, vitamin and Biotin

Purpose of Use: Animal nail health is an issue that affects yield and reproduction directly. Wet shelter environment, hard floors, Rumen acidosis resulting from high energy diet and inadequate intake of vitamins, minerals are preparatory to factors such as nail disorders .

Biotin Hoof Formula,  Besides giving 20 mg per day to animal, it has positive effects on nails with included Vitamin A D E, Organic Zinc, Copper and Methionine.

Composition for each kg: Biotin: 200 mg, Vitamin A: 1.500.000 IU, Vitamin D: 300.000 IU, Zinc: 6.000 mg, Copper, amino acids, mollases and other nutritional values….  Complate composition please see label. 


  • Giving 20 mg of Biotin per day has positive effect on the nail quality is scientifically proven.
  • While Methionine working together with the biotin, maintains the quality of the nail and strengthens the structure of the nail.
  • In case of Zinc deficiency, nails, skin and feather structure affected badly is a known issue. Zinc contributes to the growth and development besides of nail growth and development. Biotin Hoof Formula has organic Zinc which is highly effective in removing the zinc deficiency.
  • In addition to all positive benefits of Vitamin A D E on the tissues, also has a positive effect on the formation of keratin on the nai.

Usage and dosage:
Can be used in any period that occurs nail problems. Especially in the fall before winter and summer, use of at least one month is recommended.
Bovine and cows: 100 grams / day
Fattening calves: 70-80 grams / day
Sheep and goats: 30-40 grams / day

Physical appearance: Pellet form

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place away from direct sun light.