Anti-Stress Lyte

Royal Avian Anti-stres Lyte

Essential electrolytes, minerals, vitamins E and C, are used to prevent low yields in transport, heat stress and similar situations.

Purpose of use:

  • Royal Avian Antistress Lyte is a combination of electrolytes, vitamins E, C and minerals, which is used to provide relief to all kinds of stress and heat to prevent low yield and improper development.
  • It should be used in all ages and cynical poultry stress situations, water loss and stress situations where it is necessary to give electrolytes.
  • Recommended to use especially to prevent low consumption of feed under heat stress.
  • Dissolves readily in water, provides an even distribution, does not separate the phase, and doesn’t clog drips.

Electrolytes, (Calcium 21.500 mg, Potassium 6.200 mg, Sodium 25.000 mg and others),copper, zinc, selenium, Vitamin C and E, menthol. For more information please refer to the label.

Usage and dosage:
The usage is generally 1-1,5 lt for 1 ton of water.However, if animals are to be treated individually, the following doses should be taken by adding 0.5-1 liter of water:

Poultry:  1-1,5 lt / 1 ton drinking water for 4-5 days.
Calves, sheep, goats: daily 25-30 ml per animal.
Lambs, kids (yeanlings): 5-7 ml per animal.
Cattle, horses and camels: Daily 100-150 ml / head. (Average: 30 ml for 100 kg live body weight.)
In cases of diarrhea and loss of water, the dose may be repeated twice daily with veterinarian advice.

Packaging: 1Lt., 5 Lt., 20Lt.