Who we are and what we do ? Our aim, Our Company policy, Our values
Royal İlaç is a Turkish-English Co-Investment; established in 07.09.1995 with a focus of the purpose of producing high quality animal feed, animal health care and safety products using a scientific approach, thanks to well trained professional staff and advanced technology equipments by adapting know-how system.
Healthier and more productive animals with Vitamolix!
Ideal formulation to meet animals’, energy, proteins, minerals and vitamins needs. It boosts growth, increases milk and meat yields and maintains animals’ health.
Mineral Block “The cornerstone of livestock breeding”
Mineral blocks provide as much as needed minerals and salt for animals of all breeds and ages.
Easy use: self service
Royal avian: For all of your poultry needs
Royal avian is a wide range of poultry products, providing minerals and vitamins with highly effective formulation and other supplements to meet poultry needs, to make them healthier, more productive and diseases resistant.